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Our Services:

  • Concept design, simulations, ratings
  • Energy efficiency studies; consumption, savings, optimisation
  • EMC studies
  • Protection and earthing concepts
  • Design of overhead lines
  • Procurement, engineering and project management support
  • Planning and execution of measurements of electrical parameters
  • Analysis and solution of complex electrical problems

ENOTRAC engineers have designed most of the large electrification schemes of the Swiss traction power network, from the Zürich S-Bahn, through the Vereina and NBS Mattstetten-Rothrist lines, to the Lötschberg and Gotthard base tunnel lines. ENOTRAC has also conducted numerous technical studies and investigations for various types of railway systems in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South America. Our engineers use powerful state-of-the-art simulation and calculation software to design traction power supply systems. These programs simulate the operation of complex DC and AC power supply networks to determine the loads on traction distribution conductors (whether 3rd rail or overhead), substations, transmission lines, and cables. It is also possible to calculate the thermal behaviour of individual conductors. Such modelling provides the foundation for sound investment decisions, resulting in optimum schemes that meet the technical requirements at minimum cost.

Catenary system at the northern portal of the Gotthard base tunnelzoom
A SBB substation (16.7 Hz)zoom
Simulation results of a magnetic flux density calculation for a catenary system and a transmission linezoom
Simulation results from FABEL: current distribution of a catenary systemzoom

ENOTRAC’s field of expertise includes: electromagnetic field (non-ionising radiation), protection systems, optimised design for earthing and return current circuitry, and protection against stray current and corrosion. We have in-depth experience of demonstration of compliances, as well as design acceptance processes. ENOTRAC equally offers a wide range of services for the planning and implementation of test and measurement campaigns on traction power supply systems. Our data acquisition systems and suite of tools for data analysis have all been extensively verified and validated against measurements.

Project examples:

  • New Limmattalbahn LTB

    New Limmattalbahn LTB

    The Limmattalbahn (tram) will solve the traffic problems in the Limmattal sustainable and ensure the necessary capacity in public transport. In 2022 it connects the municipalities with each other and with the city of Zurich and on the other hand Limmattalbahn becomes the most important shuttle service for the S-Bahn in the Limmattal.

  • Renewal of BLS workshop in Spiez, responsible for traction power supply

    Renewal of BLS workshop in Spiez, responsible for traction power supply

    ENOTRAC AG supported the Traction Current department of BLS Netz AG and contractors for the following tasks and project parts

  • Calculation of induced voltages in pipelines to prevent AC corrosion for Yanai Israel

    Calculation of induced voltages in pipelines to prevent AC corrosion for Yanai Israel

    For the electrification of the railway network in Israel, Israel Railways has commissioned ENOTRAC to calculate the voltages on parallel pipelines (such as water, oil, gas) induced by the railway line between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and to assess the voltages regarding to touch voltage (EN 50122-1) and risk of AC corrosion.

  • Compatibility study concerning interference currents of a railway line in Senegal

    Compatibility study concerning interference currents of a railway line in Senegal

    ENGIE (France) was responsible for design and construction of the power supply (2x25 kV / 50 Hz system) of the new railway line between Dakar and the new airport Blaise Diane in Senegal.

  • Expertise about Energy consumption in context of vehicle procurement projects of VRR

    Expertise about Energy consumption in context of vehicle procurement projects of VRR

    With procuring new rolling stock (EMU trains), Rhein-Ruhr transport association (VRR) required from the suppliers to determine the energy consumption of the trains under consideration of different predefined driving profiles.

  • Validation of the earthing concept for WDFC in India

    Validation of the earthing concept for WDFC in India

    Egis Rail, a French engineering company, was responsible for the traction power design and the earthing and bonding concept of the West Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) in India. On behalf of Egis, ENOTRAC has validated the earthing and bonding concept, especially by validating the distances of the cross connections between the return conductors.

  • Standard for substations UW 2012

    Standard for substations UW 2012

    To reduce the Life Cycle Cost and increase availability, a new standard for substations UW2012 has been developed by SBB Energy. An additional target was the improvement of safety and environmental compatibility. As a result, the system layout, system schematics as well as the implemented technology were optimised and brought in line with the newest technology. ENOTRAC was contracted for the project management, the process lead and the documentation.

  • Protection concepts for DC railway companies

    Protection concepts for DC railway companies

    Swiss regulations stipulate that for each section of a power supply network a protection concept must be maintained. ENOTRAC has developed such concepts, using EN 50633, for different DC railway operators.

  • RhB (Rhetian Railways) network system

    RhB (Rhetian Railways) network system

    Since a long time, ENOTRAC supported RhB in the development of its traction power supply. The following are examples of the ENOTRAC’s recent tasks.

  • Israel Railways electrification (on behalf of Yanai)

    Israel Railways electrification (on behalf of Yanai)

    As part of electrifying the Israeli railway network, ENOTRAC was commissioned by Yanai to provide the basis for the dimensioning of the contact wire, and the traction power provision of the 1x25 kV / 50 Hz AC substation, using FABEL network calculations. Along with the dimensioning basis, our task included the verification and adaptation of the planned feeding concept of the 420 km long railway network.

  • Appenzeller Railways

    Appenzeller Railways

    Appenzeller railways (AB) were interested in the energy saving potential of their existing network. As an indicative example, ENOTRAC simulated the 10 km long section of track between St. Gallen and Trogen in FABEL. The focus was the energy saving potential on this section of track, which run with 1000 V DC at the time of the study, but will run with 1500 V DC in 2018. In this study, the potential of various power-saving installations was researched, such as recovery capable rectifiers, and both stationary and vehicle mounted energy storage units.

  • BTS / MRTA Design Review

    BTS / MRTA Design Review

    For the two new MRT-systems in Bangkok, BTS (over ground) and MRTA (underground), ENOTRAC worked as part of a team that verified the tender documents, and also verified the outline and detail design, commissioning tests and acceptance tests after the contract was awarded. In both projects, ENOTRAC’s responsibilities were the AC and DC power supply, the corrosion protection, and additionally, the electrical vehicle equipment for the MRTA.

  • Network calculations Yarra Trams

    Network calculations Yarra Trams

    ENOTRAC was tasked by Yarra Trams, the operator of the tram network in the city of Melbourne (Australia), to model their network with the simulation-tool FABEL. The Melbourne tram network is one of the biggest in the world. The point of the investigation was to determine possible weaknesses of the tram network energy supply, and to identify potential optimisation. A sensitivity analysis revealed the influence of individual parameters on the power supply, such as the rectifier spacing, contact wire resistance, or the slope of the line.

  • Magnetic field studies (NIS)

    Magnetic field studies (NIS)

    On the 1st of February 2000, the regulations for the protection against non-ionised radiation (NISV) came into effect in Switzerland. This subject is a major concern for railway facilities, and ENOTRAC has experience in many of the relevant fields.

  • Electrification of Metro Montego

    Electrification of Metro Montego

    The objective is to rebuild the existing 45 km long diesel-operated railway of Metro Mondego, Portugal, into an attractive, efficient and modern city/suburban railway. FERBRITAS, the engineering and planning department of the infrastructure manager, appointed ENOTRAC as power supply specialists. The scope covers 3 aspects as follows:

  • Project monitoring for the MGBahn

    Project monitoring for the MGBahn

    Project monitoring for the MGBahn substations at Herbriggen and Ulrichen

  • Static converter at Obermatt

    Static converter at Obermatt

    For the new rack and tunnel line of the Zentralbahn to Engelberg, the traction current supply had to be enhanced. For this purpose, a new static converter in Obermatt was built by the infrastructure energy department of the Swiss Federal Railway, who is tasked by the Zentralbahn and responsible for the traction current supply.

  • Magnetic field measurements for the Swiss Federal Office of Transport

    Magnetic field measurements for the Swiss Federal Office of Transport

    As part of the study for implementing the Swiss regulation of protection against non-ionising radiation on electrical railways, measurements of magnetic fields were conducted in the entire area around a railway line.

  • Bahn 2000: High speed line Mattstetten-Rothrist (NBS)

    Bahn 2000: High speed line Mattstetten-Rothrist (NBS)

    Various studies had been done during the Bahn 2000 project.

  • Tram Lausanne T1 electrical equipment rating

    Tram Lausanne T1 electrical equipment rating

    As part of the Lausanne-Morges urban area project, a new tramline between Renens and Lausanne was constructed. The group ELAusanne was responsible for the power distribution, the call for tenders, the supervision of the construction, and the commissioning.

  • BVB power study

    BVB power study

    As a basis for sound asset management (maintenance, renewals and expansions), ENOTRAC conducted an overall review of the power supply system for the tram network of the transport company in Basel (BVB).

  • MGBahn power study

    MGBahn power study

    Over the last few years, the introduction of new rolling stock, heavier trains and shorter headway have increased load on the traction power supply of the Matterhorn Gotthard railway (MGBahn). Since this trend is set to continue into the future, the traction power network must be continuously upgraded and modernised.

  • RhB Berninabahn power supply upgrade

    RhB Berninabahn power supply upgrade

    ENOTRAC assessed the 1000 V DC power supply for Bernina line St. Moritz – Tirano for various new rolling stock options.

  • BERNMOBIL power system study

    BERNMOBIL power system study

    The urban public transport company of the city of Bern (BERNMOBIL) tasked ENOTRAC with simulating the tram and trolleybus city network. The aim was two-fold: assess the existing power supply network and provide instructions and specifications for future projects.

  • Ceneri Base Tunnel

    Ceneri Base Tunnel

    As a continuation of the Gotthard branch of the new transalpine axis NEAT, south of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, AlpTransit Gotthard is building the 15.4 km long Ceneri Base tunnel. This joins Camorino (near Giubiaso) and Vezia (north of Lugano) to the existing SBB lines with two single-track tubes designed for a speed up to 250 km/h.

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel

    Gotthard Base Tunnel

    The project remit covers the whole construction project, including the dimensioning and construction of the traction power installations for the new Gotthard Base Tunnel line. The construction project serves as a basis for the cost estimation from ATG, the approval procedure and the tender for the electro-mechanical installations.

  • Loetschberg Base Tunnel

    Loetschberg Base Tunnel

    For the Loetschberg base tunnel, ENOTRAC was entrusted with a wide range of engineering tasks covering the specification and rating of the 16.7 Hz traction power supply system, as well as that of the 50 Hz supply system.

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