Engineering & Consulting


Vehicle engineering

Modern railway vehicles feature complex high-technology and are designed for a long lifespan under extreme conditions, typically 30 years. They represent


ENOTRAC is your competent partner for planning and carrying out reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety studies, during development or 

Traction power supply

ENOTRAC engineers have designed most of the large electrification schemes of the Swiss traction power network, from the Zürich S-Bahn, through the Vereina and

Organisation & Processes

Constant change and need for improvement as well as continuous pressure to reduce costs are ongoing subjects which are likely to be on your 


Test & Measurements


ENOTRAC has the capabilities to validate theoretical calculations by means of field tests and measurements. All test and measurement campaigns are prepared 

Software Tools


    railway operations and power network simulations


    current distribution/induced voltages in parallel conductors


    magnetic field calculation


    thermal behaviour of conductors


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  • 12.01.2016  Succession Plan at ENOTRAC AG

    On the occasion of the New Year's Dinner on the 8th January 2016 the members of staff have been informed at fist hand about the succession plan at ENOTRAC AG. The information communicated by the founders and owners of the company, Dieter Würgler and Heinz Voegeli, can be summarised as follows:

The Gotthard Base Tunnel will be officially opened on June 1, 2016, and for scheduled commercial services in December 2016. One of the Swiss newspapers has published an articel about the engineering work of Enotrac withhin this grand project. The articel is only available in German. 

Heinz Voegeli, CEO Enotrac AG